“Did you see that?”

A Skydeck Scavenger Hunt can only see all these sights from one place on earth – the Skydeck Chicago at Willis Tower. Can you spot them all? Play our scavenger hunt! Print out this page and bring it with you on your visit. When you visit, check off every sight you see. Then check our scorecard to see how well you know Chicago.

Looking North

See if you can spot these landmarks by looking out the windows to the north.

  • The Merchandise Mart. It was once the world’s largest building, even though it isn’t very tall. Can you find it? Follow the river to where it turns. You’ll see a huge building with pyramids on the roof and at each of the four corners. Got it?
  • Marina Towers. Chicago’s first “city within a city”. These high-rises had shopping, restaurants, even a bowling alley – right in the building! They look like two giant corncobs. You’ll find them on the river further to the left of the Merchandise Mart. Got ‘em?
  • The Lincoln Park Zoo. Home to thousands of animals from all over the world. Lions and tigers and bears – Oh, my! Can you find the long green strip along the lake where the zoo sits? Find it?

Looking East

See if you can spot these Chicago landmarks by looking out the windows to the east.

  • Buckingham Fountain. It’s in a park by the lake. Grant Park, to be specific. Look for plumes of water shooting up. See it?
  • Navy Pier. This long strip stretches far out into the lake. You can get this one by looking for its famous Ferris Wheel. Got it?
  • The Wrigley Building. Remember where the corncob buildings were? A little farther down the river is an old white building with a huge clock in the tower. It’s the Wrigley Building, home of a world famous Chicago treat. See it?
  • Millenium Park. Chicago’s newest architectural marvel is the Pritzler Pavilion designed by Frank Gehry.

Looking South

See if you can spot this Chicago landmark by looking out the windows to the south.

  • Guaranteed Rate Field (formerly Comiskey Park). Keep your eye on the ball! This white stadium has a baseball diamond inside. Follow the biggest highway and you’ll see it just to the right. Got it?
  • Soldier Field. Look south of the park along the lake. See those big old buildings. Those are the Field Museum, the Shedd Aquarium and the Planetarium. Just a little farther south, you’ll see an old, oval building with a famous grid of green inside it. It’s Soldier Field – home of the Chicago Bears football team. See it?
  • McCormick Place

Looking West

See if you can spot these Chicago landmarks by looking to the west.

  • United Center. Look straight west and just a little to the right and you’ll see new-ish, beige dome. Look really closely and you’ll see the United sign on top. It’s the United Center, home to the Blackhawks and the 6-time world champion Chicago Bulls. See it?
  • O’Hare Airport. Watch the planes in the north sky. Do you see where they land? That’s the world’s busiest airport. See it?
  • Garfield Park Conservatory. Look straight west until you see a park. Do you see the glass building in the middle of it? That’s the Garfield Park conservatory. It houses thousands of varieties of flowers and has a display that shows what Chicago looked like when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Did you see it?


All 13 – You know Chicago like the back of your hand!
9-12 You have eyes like a hawk!
6-8 You’ve seen more of Chicago than most people who live here!
3-5 Did you get hit by a fast ball at U.S. Cellular?
1-2 Keep looking. You can find more!
0 You tried to do the scavenger hunt with your eyes closed, didn’t you? Try again!

For more fun at the Skydeck, don’t forget – print out this Scavenger Hunt game, and bring it with you to the Skydeck.

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