Skydeck Chicago photos are taken in our museum experience and on The Ledge.

Screen-Shot-2013-11-18-at-1.33.26-PM Your Skydeck Photo Experience

Whether you took in the sunrise over the Chicago skyline or visited the Skydeck at night, photos from the 103rd floor are incredible mementos of the time you spend here in the Windy City!

You can bring your own camera and shoot your own Skydeck Ledge photos, or have our team take them for you. Photos commemorating your visit are available for up to 12 months after your visit on Skydeck Find My Photo.

How to Take Fantastic Skydeck Chicago Photos

You don’t need to be a photographer—your Skydeck Chicago photos can expertly capture the detail of the cityscape and the skyline! All you need to do is use the light to your advantage. Keep these tips in mind:

  • When shooting toward the windows, use the “backlight” function on your camera (if available). 
  • Turn off your flash and use a polarizer filter if you want your photo to show what’s out the window behind your subject. With a little practice, you’ll be able to bring your best Skydeck photo ideas to life!
  • If you’d prefer to leave your Skydeck Chicago photos to the professionals, we’ve got you covered. Our photo team can take your picture at the top and have the prints ready for you before you leave the building.

Skydeck Find My Photo

If you choose to have your photo taken by our team, you will be able to purchase prints as soon as you leave the Skydeck. Looking for additional prints? Any previously purchased photos can be downloaded from Skydeck Find My Photo. Simply enter the photo number to find and download your photos.

If you are searching for multiple Skydeck Chicago photos, place a comma between photo numbers: XYZ-12345, XYZ-12346, XYZ-12347.

Special Photos Available

As one of the unique attractions in Chicago, Willis Tower Skydeck pictures offer a thrilling commemoration of your time taking in the city at 1,353 feet — but we can help make your photos even more special! If you have a special request for your photos, please contact us at (312) 875-9447.

Plan Your Special Occasion at Skydeck Chicago Today

Skydeck Chicago visitors have found all kinds of creative ways to commemorate their time taking in the city at 1,353 feet—and we can help make your photos even more special! We’re happy to share our favorite Skydeck photo ideas and help you to plan your upcoming visit. If you have a special request for your photos, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (312) 875-9447.

Let Us See Your Point Of View

Send us photos of your Skydeck experience and they might be posted on the Skydeck’s official social media pages! Simply email us below or tag us @SkydeckChicago with your photos or videos of your experience, name and any thoughts that go along with the photos. Past winning photos have included guests interacting with exhibits, creative shots of The Ledge experience and images of Willis Tower from various angles.

You can send in your photos by using the form below.

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