Skydeck offers a can’t miss, one-stop Chicago attraction to really feel our dynamic city through a new, world-class museum, sensational views of the city and up to four states from the United States’ highest observation deck, and The Ledge – glass floor balconies outside of the iconic Willis Tower’s 103rd floor!

Museum Experience:

Immerse yourself in the incredible story of Chicago! The all-new, 30,000 square foot, multimillion dollar museum proudly showcases the vibes, history, neighborhoods, and sights of Chicago through seven curated areas full of photo ops, storytelling, and exhibits.

Skydeck-Flyers-02-14-24-MAP2-1024x706 3 in 1 Attraction

Breathtaking Views

Experience spectacular views spanning up to four states and 50 miles from the top of Chicago’s iconic Willis Tower!

The Ledge

Dare to stand out on glass floored balconies extending over four feet outside of Willis Tower’s 103 rd floor. A most memorable experience and photo op await!