Is Chicago Safe to Visit?

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Safety is a key factor for most travelers, especially those with children—and you’ve probably heard Chicago mentioned in more than a few news reports. So, how safe is Chicago for tourists?

The reality is this: there’s no such thing as a perfectly safe city. That’s especially true for a bustling metropolis like Chicago, which boasts the third-largest population in the country.

Chicago crime rates vary dramatically by neighborhood, but visitors to The Loop shouldn’t have anything to worry about except pickpocketing—a persistent issue that you’d experience in just about any large U.S. city.


How Safe is Downtown Chicago?

Before you book your flight and start planning your stay, you’ll want to do a little research into which areas in Chicago are safe to visit.

For the vast majority of visitors, a trip to the Second City will be concentrated in the downtown area. That’s where you can find famous landmarks like the Water Tower and the Willis Tower, not to mention an array of unmissable culinary experiences.

The bottom line is that downtown Chicago is safe to visit, but you should do your research and plan your trip according to your comfort level.

If you’ve never visited a large city before, it will also be helpful to learn a bit about how to prevent pickpocketing. We’ll go over some key Chicago safety tips in the following section.

How to Visit Chicago Safely

Having your wallet snatched can quickly put a damper on your vacation, but distracted tourists are often a top target for pickpockets. Keep these tips in mind on your first visit to a big city like Chicago:

  • Stay in public places. Sticking to major thoroughfares where there are plenty of other pedestrians will greatly reduce any risk of robbery.
  • Put away your phone. Don’t walk with your phone in your hand or half sticking out of a pocket. Not being distracted by your phone will also help you to be more observant of your surroundings.
  • Invest in a theft-proof travel bag. A dedicated travel bag with secure spots for your valuables is a great idea. You can also try wearing your bag on the front of your body.

Get the Most Out of Your Chicago Adventure

There’s more than enough to do in Chicago’s Loop to fill your vacation schedule, but nothing else can equal the view from the Willis Tower’s 103rd floor! Book your visit to The Ledge at Skydeck Chicago today.