World Towers

Explore the other great towers of the world

Burj Khalifa

Described as both a ‘Vertical City’ and ‘A Living Wonder,’ Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building. Rising gracefully from the desert, it is an extraordinary union of art, engineering and craftsmanship. At 828 meters, the 200 story tower holds five Guinness World records including the world’s highest observatory, At the Top, Burj Khalifa SKY.

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CN Tower

National icon, engineering wonder, Toronto must-see – CN Tower is an award-winning dining and entertainment destination. Spectacular views include world-famous Glass Floor, SkyPod and glass fronted elevators with glass floor panels. Three restaurants include award-winning 360 Restaurant. Plus film, shopping and thrilling EdgeWalk – world’s highest ‘hands-free’ walk, 356m/1168ft (116 stories) above ground.

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Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 on the occasion of the World Fair. It now welcomes yearly approx. 7 million visitors, 80% of which are foreigners.

Experiencing the Eiffel Tower is mixing:

  • Thrills on the glass floor and at the top
  • Pleasure of learning with the instructive “discovery circuit”
  • Services (on-line tickets, food, champagne bar, official gift shops)

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Empire State Building

At the heart of New York City, the Empire State Building offers unparalleled panoramic views of five different states! From its open-air 86th floor Observation Deck and climate controlled 102nd floor to its stunning Art Deco design and informative exhibits, the Empire State Building is more than just a view — it’s an immersive experience inside a world-famous landmark.

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Shanghai Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower

As the Shanghai City landmark, the 468m Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower is a multifunctional venue with sightseeing, restaurants, shopping, entertainment, Museum and Cruise Dock. Sightseeing includes a 259m transparent observatory, 263m main floor and 351m “Space Capsule”. Three restaurants are respectively the world’s first Coca-Cola themed restaurant, No.8 Old Shanghai restaurant and 267m revolving restaurant. The most popular choice is their Shanghai History Museum.

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Space Needle

Since opening for the 1962 World’s Fair, the Space Needle has welcomed visitors from every corner of the world to enjoy breathtaking views and savor all things Seattle. The iconic signature of the city’s skyline, the Space Needle makes the perfect launching pad for Pacific Northwest adventure, exploring Seattle’s vibrant culture, or soaking in the area’s natural beauty. If you see one thing in Seattle, see everything!

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The View from The Shard

At the top of the European Union’s tallest building The View from The Shard is the highest viewing platform in London, offering stunning panoramic views stretching up to 64km. Traveling skyward in high-speed lifts, this multi-sensory journey takes you 244m (800ft) above London, where 1000 years of history unfolds beneath you.

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