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What is the 2020 Chicago Reopening Plan?

While everyone is excited to get out and explore the magic of the city up close, the Chicago reopening plan involves five distinctive stages to ensure a safe transition out of quarantine. So before you start scheduling your weekend trip to the city, take a look at the official Chicago reopening phases to plan accordingly, and find out how you can still enjoy Chicago during Covid:

Phase One: Stay-at-Home

Phase one is the most strict of the stages, and it is designed to rapidly curb the spread of COVID-19. Social contact is limited to the bare minimum, which means work-from-home and social distancing are highly encouraged.

  • Prohibited: Contact with those outside the household, working in close quarters
  • Allowed: Essential activities, emergency services

Phase Two: Safer-at-Home

After the strict stay-at-home order has stopped the rapid transmission of COVID-19, we move into phase two. This safer-at-home phase encourages people to continue social distancing and work-from-home orders to flatten the curve. Those who leave the home are also encouraged to wear face coverings, like masks and bandannas, to help curb disease transmission even further.

  • Prohibited: Contact with those outside the household, working in close quarters
  • Allowed: Retail pickup and delivery, some outdoor activities

Phase Three: Cautious Reopen

At this point, Chicago has slowed COVID-19 transmission to the point that it’s safe to reopen non-essential businesses. While businesses like salons and gyms can open their doors, there are several precautions that must be followed in order to stay safe:

  • Prohibited: Social gatherings over 10 people, visiting businesses without a face covering
  • Allowed: Manufacturing, offices, retail and services, hair salons, gyms, other non-essential businesses

Phase Four: Gradual Resume

As transmission rates continue to fall, the Chicago reopening plan moves forward and gradually resumes everyday life with precautions. More businesses open and public amenities resume, but safety measures are still in place:

  • Prohibited: Social gatherings over 50 people, visiting businesses without a face covering
  • Allowed: Restaurants and bars, child care, schools

Phase Five: Protection

The final of the Chicago reopening phases, the protection stage marks a return to normalcy – while still protecting vulnerable populations. Businesses and events may open, but COVID-19 screening and testing are still encouraged. If a vaccine becomes available, immunization is highly recommended to ensure a healthier and safer community.

Celebrate Chicago Reopening with Skydeck

As we move through the Chicago reopening phases, why not start thinking ahead? Take a video tour of the Skydeck to transport yourself 1,353 feet above the Chicago skyline and start imagining your next big adventure. In the meantime, learn more about the tower!