Skydeck Chicago Virtual Tour

Skydeck Chicago Virtual Tour

Skydeck Chicago Virtual Tour 

Whether you’re a native Chicagoan or you’re visiting, the interactive Skydeck experience is a wonder to behold. Opened in 1974, the Skydeck experience delivers stunning views for up to 50 miles and four states away. Explore this Chicago experience as you make your way up to the 103rd floor and check out the view from the Willis Tower Ledge. Watch the Skydeck Chicago virtual tour and plan your visit at Skydeck today!

The Ultimate Chicago Experience

The breathtaking view from the Willis Tower isn’t the only excitement you can expect from the Skydeck experience. Discover the best of Chicago as you make your way up to the 103rd floor.


  • An all-new, interactive Chicago experience shares Chicago’s best and rich history prior to your 103rd-floor Skydeck visit.
  • Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) is a 110-story building overlooking the Chicago metropolitan area. 
  • Marvel at the sheer scale of it all.
  • View our On Site map.


  • Breathtaking 1,353-foot simulated Ledge views of Chicago’s biggest attractions like Wrigley Field. 
  • An observation deck with a glass floor gives you an unobstructed view into the heart of downtown.
  • Must-have, signature photo highlights of Chicago’s top locations.


  • Skydeck tours give you a stunning view of skyscrapers from the top down.

Planning the Best View from the Willis Tower

Everyone wants that picture-perfect moment that immortalizes their view over the city. For the most spectacular views, you’ll want to schedule your visit just after opening for a shining morning view or plan your trip after sunset to take in the lit-up night skyline. If you want to catch the sunset or take in the twinkling nightscape, plan your trip for at least 30-45 minutes before sunset.

Pro tip: When capturing a picture facing toward the windows, use the “backlight” function of your camera if available. Also, turning off the flash and polarizer filter allows you to capture the view behind the subject. If you want to take the worry out of curating the perfect framing, let our professional photo team take your picture and provide a photo custom folder before you leave. 

Plan an Unforgettable Chicago Trip with Skydeck!

When you’re looking for a complete Chicago experience, you can’t beat the stunning views from the Willis Tower Skydeck tour. Purchase a Skydeck Timed Ticket or Chicago City Pass for access to the high speed elevator that takes you to the 103rd floor. Skydeck tours are more than the views from the Ledge. Contact us to plan a special occasion in our 99th-floor Skydeck space or keep an eye out for upcoming events.