Visitor Inside Tips

How to get the best out of your experience

The best time to visit is just after opening or after sunset. For great sunsets and twinkling nightscape viewing, plan on arriving to the Skydeck 30-45 minutes prior to your sunset time! Go to SunriseSunset for the Chicago sunset calendar.

insidetipsA picture to remember. Want to take a great picture? Remember, when shooting towards the windows; use the “backlight” function on your camera (if available). Turn off your flash and use a polarizer filter, if you want to see what’s out the window behind your subject. Or easiest of all, have our professional photo team take your picture and have it ready for you in a custom folder before you leave. For the enjoyment of all guests, no tripods are allowed. You are more than welcome to bring your monopod.

Skydeck Chicago is child-friendly with family bathrooms located on Lower Level 2 inside the Skydeck Marketplace. The building is also equipped with ramps making it easy to navigate strollers.

Entertain the kids. The excitement can start even before you visit, with our Willis Tower Skydeck Kids Club. Visit the For Kids section for details and a variety of interactive games, quizzes, scavenger hunts and coloring pages to get your little ones excited for their visit. There’s something around every corner until they reach the Skydeck where they experience views like no other and if they dare to stand out on The Ledge!

Is the Skydeck accessible to the disabled? Yes, it is. Ramps make wheelchair access easy. Our elevators can easily accommodate wheelchairs and scooters. We also offer optional sensory bypasses in our more stimulating exhibits.

Does the Skydeck provide storage lockers? No, we do not have storage lockers available.

Do I Need to Reserve Tickets? The Skydeck has implemented timed ticketing. Please reserve your tickets in advance to guarantee access to the Skydeck.

For an optimal Ledge experience for all guests, Ledge visit times for parties of 3 or less will be a maximum of 60 seconds/party and parties of 4 or more will be a maximum of 90 seconds/party.  Thank you.

Restaurant information

Wacker Lobby

  • Starbucks (312) 559-9930

Jackson Lobby

  • Shake Shack (312) 604-5820
  • Brown Bag Seafood (312) 846-1900
  • Do-Rite Donuts & Chicken (312) 900-9930
  • Tortazo (312) 962-7700
  • sweetgreen (312) 598-1600
Important Notice Regarding COVID-19

Willis Tower and Skydeck Chicago have implemented measures consistent with CDC and local and federal guidance to try to reduce the spread of COVID-19 on the premises, including enhanced cleaning protocols. Even with these procedures in place, PLEASE BE ADVISED that building occupants, building and Skydeck visitors, or others currently or previously present upon this property and/or the Skydeck MAY HAVE CONTRACTED OR BEEN EXPOSED TO COVID-19 or other infectious diseases, and may expose you. By accessing and using building common areas, the Skydeck, and their associated amenities, you and your party voluntarily assume all risks of your use—INCLUDING THE RISK OF EXPOSURE TO INFECTIOUS DISEASE—and you waive all claims, including claims for negligence, against Willis Tower, Skydeck Chicago, and their respective owners, managers, affiliates, agents and representatives, arising out of such use. The above parties hereby disclaim all liability for any injuries arising out of your use of this property and the Skydeck, including exposure to infectious disease.

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