How Far is Chicago From Milwaukee? 

With only ninety miles from Milwaukee to Chicago, it’s so easy to make a quick day trip and enjoy all that Chicago has to offer: great food, world-class museums, and some of the greatest views in America at the Skydeck! The distance from Chicago to Milwaukee can be navigated through multiple modes of transportations. Take a look at all the ways to get from Milwaukee to Chicago, so you can plan your trip. 

How Long Does it Take to Travel the Distance From Chicago to Milwaukee? 

With being so geographically close together, the 90 miles from Chicago to Milwaukee can be traveled in a variety of ways. By car, train, bus, or even by foot, it’s easy to get from Milwaukee to Chicago! Take a look: 

  • By car: From downtown Milwaukee to the Skydeck, it’s 91.8 miles, which takes about 90 minutes to drive in the early afternoon. 
  • By train: Amtrak’s Hiawatha Service route runs from Milwaukee Intermodal Station to Chicago’s Union Station in 94 minutes. From Union Station, it takes about six minutes to walk to Willis Tower. The train runs several times a day.
  • By bus: An early morning or late night Megabus is a quick 2 hour and 20-50 minute ride from Milwaukee to Chicago. Greyhound offers more available times per day and will get you to Chicago in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Wisconsin Coach Lines goes to O’Hare, where you can take any number of public transportation options to the Loop. 
  • By bike: No, really! Why not do a weekend bike trip that covers the distance from Chicago to Milwaukee? It’s 94.3 miles via the Robert McClory Bike Path. 
  • By foot: Okay, so maybe Chicago to Milwaukee isn’t that close, but in theory you could make the walk in 28 hours along the Robert McClory Bike Path. 
  • By plane: Sorry, you’re out of luck if you want to fly. A plane would barely have time to take off before time to land. 

Make the Trip From Milwaukee to Chicago and Enjoy the Skydeck! 

Whether you’re looking for a unique date night option or a group trip from Milwaukee, the Skydeck is easily within your reach! It’s easy to contact us and make arrangements for your special visit to the Skydeck.