Whether it’s baseball season or not, Wrigleyville is Chicago’s yearlong celebration of Wrigley Field and the Chicago Cubs. The northside neighborhood is centered around the park, and is normally filled with locals and tourists visiting its many sports bars, restaurants, and outdoor events. Join Skydeck Chicago for some fun facts, and our favorite things to do in Wrigleyville!

Where is Wrigleyville Located in Chicago?

Wrigleyville is actually a pocket within the greater Lakeview neighborhood on Chicago’s north side. The heart of Wrigleyville is Wrigley Field, and the area is characterized by the sports bars, the ballgame schedule, and die-hard Cubs fandom. So where is Wrigleyville located in Lakeview? Wrigleyville has no official borders, but it’s roughly located between Grace, Racine, Sheffield, and Newport.

Landmarks in Wrigleyville, Chicago

Of course, Wrigleyville is named for a landmark — the historic Wrigley Field. Home of the Chicago Cubs, it’s actually the second oldest professional baseball stadium in the country. The park is famous for its charmingly old-fashioned manual scoreboard and ivy-covered outfield walls. Even if you can’t hit up the ballpark for a Cubs game, you can still get an awesome view of Wrigleyville, Chicago, and beyond with a virtual tour from the Willis Tower Skydeck!

Fun Things to Do in Wrigleyville

Normally, finding fun things to do in Wrigleyville is as simple as taking a look around: sports bars, and beer gardens abound, and the open-air Gallagher Way hosts frequent events like outdoor concerts, farmers markets, and film screenings, and holiday celebrations. While it may be a bit harder to plan a night out nowadays, you can still find plenty of things to do in Wrigleyville! Check out these ideas from the team at Skydeck:

  • Eclectic Shopping: Explore vintage fashion and army surplus goods to browse.
  • Theater: For something a little different, check out a local theater. You can find venues that play independent, foreign, and classic films.
  • Grab a Hot Dog: Missing those ballpark hotdogs? You’ll find classic Chicago eats via take-out and drive-through orders.

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