There’s a lot of ground to explore if you live in Chicago, but not even longtime locals have the time to get out and explore all 77 neighborhoods. However, the real-time Chicago cameras scattered across the city make it easy to scope out your favorite landmarks and public spaces! From Wrigleyville to the University of Chicago to Willis Tower, you can check out feeds from Chicago live cams from all over the city for free at websites like ABC News and Chicago Webcams. Read on for our top Chicago live camera feeds here at Skydeck Chicago.

Chicago Weather Live Viewer Camera

Make your own weather reports with real-time Chicago cameras like this Lake Michigan cam. Also interesting are the progressive snapshots from each hour in the day, which you can find below the live feed.

Chicago Traffic Live Cams

There’s nothing more accurate than live footage when it comes to traffic reports. Many commuters have discovered the trick of checking the flow of traffic on their route with a Chicago live cam feed, like this one at I-290 east of East Ave and this one located at I-55 two miles West of IL-171 (First Ave).

Downtown Chicago Live Camera

This webcam in the Chicago, IL downtown area provides a big-picture view of our city’s unique aesthetic and architecture. The Field Museum Chicago live cam provides views of the Chicago skyline, Lake Shore Drive, the Museum Campus, and the Lake Michigan shore. Look closely to spot the Willis Tower and other downtown landmarks!

Wrigleyville Live Viewer Camera

Looking for a Chicago live camera feed that brings you right up to street level? Live cameras in Chicago streets deliver crisp details of Wrigleyville in real-time. Check out the activity right in front of Wrigley Field in incredible detail with the Wrigleyville Chicago live camera.

Chicago Railroad Live Viewer Camera

Courtesy of the Chicago Railway Museum, you can watch the trains arrive and depart from the Chicago Mainline rail yard with the Chicago live camera located at the Railroad Mainline 2 (West).

Skyline Chicago Live Cam

You may not work in a downtown high-rise with a view, but you can still enjoy Chicago’s distinctive skyline from your laptop screen! Visit the skyline live cam page to see the city where it meets the water from various parts of the coast.

Get a Bird’s Eye View from The Ledge

It’s hard to talk about real-time Chicago cameras without mentioning The Ledge at Willis Tower—its 360-degree view from 103 stories up is essentially a real-life live viewer camera! And to go along with the breathtaking views, you’ll enjoy dining, family-friendly programming, and other amenities.

Discover the Windy City at Chicago Skydeck!

Whether you hail from Chicagoland or elsewhere, the Ledge is an unforgettable way to get to know Chicago’s neighborhoods and vistas while enjoying everything from fine dining to museums in the Loop. Plan and personalize your visit today!